Monday, 8 July 2013

Switching from the iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy S3

Is it time to Root the S3?

I have been using the Galaxy S3 for a month now and mostly loving it. Having a great time learning new things and being nerdy. No is the time to take it a step further and Root the phone and then I will think about running something different in terms os alternative ROM. Much of it all seems to be in a completely different language and totally weird but I will dive in there. I mean I didn't  even jailbreak the iPhones I had. reading through the posts on some of these websites it all seems a bit cryptic.

Getting help to Root

I have looked at some Youtube tutorials and I hit a brick wall. I used a downloaded software that was supposed to root the phone easily, but didn't work for me and now I have the help of +Geoff Whitely  and there is the Google Plus Android Root Community which I was guided to by Geoff. I would do the rooting straight away but it is late in the evening and it will have to wait until the morning or maybe the day after when I and devote the proper attention and time to the task. If I rush it I will only cock it up. That will never do.

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