Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Longer life with an Android Phone

ZeroLemon a bigger battery and longer life

One of the best things that I have bought for the phone is the ZeroLemon which doubles the size of the battery physically. Before I was only getting about, between half a day and a full day of phone use. With this new battery I can go for about two and a half days and still have 15% to 20% left in the battery. I did buy other standard size batteries, but I found it to be a nuisance to have to swap the batteries over and to make sure that the spare ones were always charged up.

Keeping in a case or not

I do prefer to have the phone inside a case and to have a case that folds over to protect the front of the phone. With this ZeroLemon battery and the case that comes with it I can't fit into the case that I have. I could put a plastic protector screener protector screen on the front of the phone, although I have found it just as handy just to be careful where I keep the phone. So I wouldn't want to put the phone into a pocket that already had loose change in there or a set of keys. So far this is working very well and I don't have any scratches on the front of the phone.

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