Friday, 14 March 2014

I am using the iPad again!

For quite a long time now been using the android devices without ever going back to using the iOS mobile computers. No, I tell a lie I have now and then used the TwistedWave application on the iPhone. I do have Audio Evolution Mobile for recording audio on my Android devices but I think TwistedWave is much better still. Today though I am working at the campsite and I have the iPad with me as well as having my android devices and just for fun I'm having a play with it. I had to install some of the applications that I had on before such as Drafts. With this post I am using Siri for dictation to dictate directly into the Blogger app. I am desperately missing the good keyboards that I have on my Android devices, but using Siri for dictation isn't too bad.

One of the reasons that I decided to give it a go for the moment is because somebody was asking me about what apps they should use on an iPhone for blogging. In the past I have used an application called Blogsy which is a very good at blogging application. Unfortunately that is just for the iPad and I don't have an iPhone version. So I have suggested to her that she tries out of the Blogger application from Google so that she can do her blogging. I don't think that they Blogger application is as fully featured as the application Blogsy, but it is alright.

I have also just been reading an article written by something also tried out using android after being an iPhone user and he found that the experience was okay. The only thing about changing platforms is that when you have been using an iPhone for some time you will have a lot of applications that you have paid for and will be too invested in that platform to want to make a change.

Obviously, there are some differences between the way of the two platforms work and when you try android for the first time it will seem a little bit strange. For me it didn't take too long before I talk to it, in fact I think I took to it like a duck to water. Some of the things that you do with a system becomes ingrained into your very psyche and you need to really think about how to work on the different platform.

With using iOS again for the first time in a while I have really missed the good keyboards that are available for Android. One thing that I do like with Android is that I'm finding it very easy to position the cursor exactly where I want it in the text. It is nice to hold down the touch and to get the magnifying glass and then move the cursor to just the right point in the word.