Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Stilll learning about Android

All new terminology with Android to learn.

Just been a normal user of Android since I put on the CyanogenMod thing onto the phone. The phone does mysteriously boot up by itself every now and then, but I just have to live with that. So long as I notice I have 4.2.2 on there now and I like having got rid of the bloat from Samsung. Would be great if I could just get the phone to the same version of Android I am running on the Nexus 7. On iOS it was great to always be running the same version of the operating system on all of my devices. I have to admit that sometimes I don't really know what I am doing, the terminology seems foreign to and I am guessing a lot of the time. In the ROM Manager App it tells me there is an update and then tells me there isn't. I start a download and then it reboots before it is finished it seems. I don't know if the reboot is part of what it was doing with the download.

Now I have told it to do a Fix Permissions. It seems to be taking quite a long time to go through all of the files. I suppose there are a lot of files. With luck the phone will run better what that is done. On the Mac fixing permissions is a good idea from time to time. Maybe then I will be able to try out a different ROM. When I put on the CyanogenMod I had instructions that was doing a clean install I think and the guy told me that next time he would should the process to do a dirty install. Maybe the phone company and Samsung can get together to give us an over the air upgrade to the Galaxy S3 phone. Even though I really like the phone still after six months of use I still wonder if I should have waited and got the Nexus 5 when it came out. It is rather good when you can have the latest OTA update before most everyone else because I have a Nexus / Google device.

Camera on the Galaxy S3

I have got some decent pictures of the phone and it has been OK for a camera phone. I find that I am not that impressed with the images though sometimes. I looked at a set of images I took one day and it was a fairly sunny day - I wasn't too impressed. The images seemed a bit muddy in therms of colour and rather soft. I reckon I have a need for a better camera to carry around with me. Something with a decent lens and decent size of sensor. Even so, it is still better to have some sort of camera with me even if it is a mobile phone camera.

Nexus 7

I am loving the Nexus 7 and I carry it everywhere with me. Great to have it for reading material even in the smallest room. I got the device updated to 4.4 by downloading the file that Google provided and only a couple of days later there was another that came to me as an OTA update. TO be honest I have not noticed much difference between what was there and with the 4.4 Kit Kat. Some changes had been made but it seemed that it was deep in the system and one or two cosmetic changes. Not much in terms of extra features to play with. The operating system on the Nexus 7 is loads better that the Galaxy 3 has ever behaved.

Do I miss iOS

Not at all.

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